I create unique live edge pieces so you can bring the beautiful outdoors home! 

My name is Jeff Pike. I'm a carpenter and a father to three awesome kids. My family and I are currently based out of Kelowna, BC.
In the winter of 2021 I helped a friend build his home in Blind Bay, BC. I fell in love with the Shuswap area and the following summer my family and I were lucky enough to find a piece of land near Tappen, BC that we've named 8 Point Acres
If you followed the link above you would have seen that this property is beautiful with thick forest, many levels and an incredible view. Our goal is to one day build our family home and a cottage or two. A space for family, friends and others to come and relax and enjoy this incredible place with us. 
This goal will be a work in progress and will take many years. In the mean time, we have more lumber than I know what to do with. I've decided to use my experience in carpentry to turn this lumber into unique live edge pieces to help us reach our goals of building this property, and as a way to share the beauty of this place that we're so excited to build. 
Follow along and join us as we build 8 Point Acres and 8 Point Designs!